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To simplify the commissioning process and to speed up field diagnostics, we can offer various break-out boxes which are compatible with our controllers.

The boxes can be integrated into the existing cabling directly with the 1.5 m long connection cable. Thanks to the 4 mm safety lab connector, conventional measurement equipment can be used. The safety lab connectors reduce the risk of unwanted short cuts when connectors are plugged in / disconnected (e.g. caused by the cable falling onto the vehicle floor).

The short-circuit plug jumper has a double pick-up. This means that measurements and manipulations are possible simultaneously.

Perfectly matching break-out boxes are available for the various controller sizes.

Breakout box, BOB, a HYDAC SOFTWARE product. Electrical test equipment to support integration testing, maintenance and troubleshooting by simplifying access to test signals, panel with connectors that are seperated into test points (banana sockets, plug-in jumpers).


As an accessory for the break-out boxes (BOB) and as an extension for controller cables, we supply connection cable extensions (AKV) – compatible with our controllers. This means, for example, that the break-out box can be used within the vehicle cabin with greater flexibility.

Perfectly matching connection cable extensions are available for the various controller sizes.

Connection cable extension, AKV, accessories for breakout box and electronic control units. Wiring harness with two multi-pin connectors.


As an accessory for controllers and to meet the demand for customised adapter solutions, we supply connection cable kits that are compatible with our controllers. This means, for example, that you can implement your own cable extensions / test setups. The kit comprises of the circuit board and matching connector.

Connection cable kit, AKK, accessories for electronic control units. Circuit board with connector.


For rapid development at the workstation and for commissioning prototypes without a ready cable harness, we supply various rail connection interfaces (RCIs) that are compatible with our controllers.

The interfaces can be directly connected to the controller with the enclosed 1.5 m long connection cable. WAGO terminals enable cables with various diameters of up to 2.5 mm² to be connected. This means that each pin of the connector can be reached.

The connections on the right side of the interface are not connected to the connector. This means that various controller types can be operated in the field. The components are then wired by the user in accordance with the particular application. The top-hat rail bracket attached on the back makes it easy to be mounted (e.g. in test vehicles).

Perfectly matching rail connection interfaces are available for the various controller sizes.

Rail connection interfaces, RCI, a product from HYDAC SOFTWARE. Circuit board for top-hat rail mounting with multi-pin connector and connection terminals for single wires.


The motor simulator / engine simulator (ESI-D) was developed to support the application development of mobile working machinery.

It simulates the typical CAN messages of a diesel engine in accordance with SAE J1939 and simulates the voltage boost and drop of the on-board power supply (in conjunction with an analogue remote-control power pack) during engine start-up.

The engine simulation can be integrated as an additional module for an application and used regardless of the project.

Diesel engine simulator, ESI-D, with CAN interface according to SAE J1939, a HYDAC SOFTWARE product.

RTB – Remote Test Bench

The remote test bench hardware Remote Test Bench (RTB) enables function and error mode tests of typical controllers of mobile machines to be performed. Any controller hardware can be connected to the test bench.

The RTB uses any modules that can be combined to meet specific customer requirements. The test bench housing can be mounted in a standard 19″ rack and can therefore be easily fitted in any test laboratory.

Multiple RTBs can be combined into one overall structure. This allows multiple controllers of a single vehicle architecture to be tested in combination.

Remote Test Bench, a HYDAC SOFTWARE product. RTB for function and failure mode tests of electronic control units (ECU). 19'' housing with specific slide-in modules.

HMG – Portable data recorder

The portable data recorder (HMG) allows developers – thanks to the export function for data from PDT – access to any important data relating to the vehicle software project such as CAN signals, PIN diagnostic data, parameters and error information at the press of a button. The HMG can thus access the databases of the controllers in the vehicle, read and of course modify errors, parameters and configurations.

The collected measured data can be transferred via USB to the PC where it is evaluated, processed and stored using convenient analytical tools.

Portable data recorder HMG 4000 for data acquisition and access to data from the vehicle software project. Mobile ergonomic measuring device with USB connection.

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Our flexible hardware platforms, used in conjunction with MATCH, make it possible to develop consistent control solutions for mobile machinery.