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Software solutions controller


The MATCH toolboxes combine several thematically identical library modules (blocks).

The toolboxes are managed in the Project Definition Tool (PDT). The certified Auto Code Builder is used to generate and parameterise library modules tailored to the specific application from PDT.

A large number of access functions exist at the code level, allowing a very individual use of the library modules that is coordinated with the specific application.

All the library modules are TÜV-certified pursuant to the safety levels SIL2, PL’d’ and AgPL’d’ (SRL2)

The standard toolbox is available for every controller platform in MATCH. It contains driver modules for the switches, sensors or even valves connected to the controllers.

The signal control toolbox contains a wide range of basic control elements such as signal elements of the 1st and 2nd order, regulators or ramps.

Further product groups

MATCH Software Suite supports a variety of hardware platforms.
MATCH uses today's conventional programming languages, which means it uses standardised or freely accessible IDEs to develop the application software – not only for machine controls but also for visualisation solutions.Using standardised programming languages enables the developed function software to be readily reused in other projects.
The PC tools of MATCH Software-Suite are perfectly matched, allowing different user groups to work closely with one another – in development, testing, commissioning, maintenance and service. Based on requirements management, applications for complex vehicle or machine controls – even in combination with multiple controllers – can be implemented in the shortest time possible. Use the MATCH PC tools for development and testing in accordance with the V-model, with unchangingly consistent data and integrated safety standards.
MATCH provides optimised software solutions for the programming of embedded controllers in the 'C' programming language. The comprehensively tested basic MATCH software has been used successfully in mobile equipment for many years and in every branch of industry.The modules are normally TÜV-certified – up to the safety levels SIL2, PL'd' and AgPL'd' (SRL2).
MATCH provides comprehensive libraries for display-visualisation solutions under CODESYS® 3.X. The solutions are supported thereby with and without the touch function.
The electrohydraulic systems are developed on the basis of MATCH according to the V-model and are tested comprehensively in all of the available configurations and ranges of functions. In terms of functional safety, we offer solutions up to the safety levels PL'd' or AgPL'd' (SRL2).
Our accessories simplify the work involved in software development, software testing or problem analysis at the machine.
MATCH Software Suite also allows remote access to machine data – either through direct access to the service tools via WLAN or through the use of different mobile standards and, in the future, using a cloud-based approach.