MATCH on the machine

Robust and safety-certified.


MATCH on the machine

Software solutions and sub-systems

MATCH provides a comprehensive, tested and safety-certified basic software which has been proving its value in mobile equipment for many years and in every branch of industry. It is TÜV-certified – up to the safety levels SIL2, PL’d’ and AgPL’s’ (SRL2).

In addition to the basic software, the necessary service tools are also offered on PCs and/or displays using the integrated approach of the software chain. It is also possible to connect to the machine software remotely.

The basic software can be run not only on all controller and display hardware platforms of TTControl / Hydac International, but also on other hardware platforms upon request.

The available sub-systems developed on the basis of MATCH apply the comprehensive benefits of MATCH and provide finished, robust and certifiable “plug-and-play” solutions for basic machine functions which can be resorted to at the time of development. This results in significantly lower development times, and expensive tests can be avoided. Their integration in the overall system or their end-of-line configuration is supported using the corresponding tools.

MATCH on the machine

Advantages at a glance

  • Robust, tested basic software, communication stacks and libraries
  • TÜV safety-certified up to SIL 2, PL’d’ and AgPL’d’ (SRL2)
  • Certified “plug-and-play” sub-systems
  • Machine communication protocols such as: CANopen/CANopen Safety, J1939, DM(x)
  • Controller and display support
  • Remote service modules
  • Service tool interfaces (e.g. UDS) with access management
  • Software modules in different programming languages
MATCH auf der Maschine

Software solutions and sub-systems

Software solutions controllers

MATCH provides a basic tested and TÜV-certified software – MATCH Core. The middleware perfected for mobile machines has sophisticated parameter management, comprehensive diagnostic functions and service tool interfaces. The configuration of the library modules and communication stacks can furthermore be error-free and modular.

Library modules and communication stacks

The library concept which can be extended and tailored to mobile work machines provides tested and certified driver modules, signal elements and function elements. The library modules and communication stacks are TÜV-certified for use up to safety levels SIL2, PL'd' and AgPL's' (SRL2).

Zu Communication stacks
Displays & Remote service

The Vision² BASIC Library (V²BAS) enables efficient generic display programming. Thanks to a multitude of graphic base elements, modern human-machine interfaces (HMI) and contemporary data management can be implemented seamlessly on the Vision² displays.


The Vision² MATCH Library (V²LIB) provides the connection of the display software with the MATCH development environment. The robust CAN stack enables quick and error-free communication with the controllers, displays and sub-systems on the machine – and therefore a rapid analysis of the machine status – and efficient communication with Service personnel when errors are present.

Auxiliary steering

On the basis of this sub-system, electrohydraulic rear-axle steering of self-propelled motor vehicles can be implemented by any safety level up to PL'd' and AgPL'd' (SRL2). A multitude of hydraulic architectures, safe states and various functional requirements and sensor interfaces are supported.

Zu Auxiliary steering
Additional steering

On the basis of this sub-system, electrohydraulic steering of trailer axles can be implemented up to safety levels PL'd' and AgPL'd' (SRL2). A multitude of hydraulic architectures, safe states, wide-ranging functional features and sensor interfaces are supported.

Zu Additional steering
Fan control

This standard software can be used to implement electrohydraulic and electric fan drives in comprehensive configurations. A multitude of analogue and also CAN-based temperature sensors can be processed. Reversing functions or even manual override functions are also available.

Zu Fan control