How to activate a Hydac Subsystem Solution?

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If you see the following messages in the Debug Console
[#0] INITSTART: ECU start initializing mode: Open

[#0] CST_DEBUG_UPDATE: AppIni-Fin=0
[#0] CST_PRINT_ERR: ERR: Incorrect license code

you have to activate the standard software application as follows:

  1. Open the SCT and Connect to the ECU.
  2. Open the Standard Application Licensing dialog via the button “StdApp Licensing” from the ribbon bar .
  3. Click on “Open Licencing Website”.
  4. Enter the number of license keys to be downloaded.
  5. Insert your name – the name must match the login-name for the SCT project user.
  6. Download the key file by click on “DOWNLOAD KEYS”.
  7. Click on “ACCEPT REQUEST”.
  9. Switch to the Standard App Licensing dialog.
  10. Select the license file (*.std-dlv) as Source (the number of available licenses changes to grater 0 and the bar on the right turns blue).
  11. Click on Transmit license to controller (you get a the confirmation: License key succesfully transmitted).
  12. Click on the “Upload file” button in the lower part of the dialog and upload the license back to the server.

The upload of the license allows you to get an overview of the used licenses and the assigned ECU numbers. It also allows you to get back no longer needed licenses for further use.

Further information can be found in the SCT user manual.