How to Start with MATCH?

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This page will describe you where to find the correct information when you start with the MATCH Toolchain.

Webpage Login

Click on the Login-Button on the top right of this screen.

When you have bought any MATCH Licenses you should already got an email from with your login credentials.
Use them to login into the MATCH Website.

Download MATCH

Go to the download page to find all MATCH Release versions.

  • To get full released Packages klick on “Releases
    There are one or two major MATCH Releases per year (e.g. “MATCH Release 2018a“).
    Sometimes, there are smaler Patch Releases available as service packs (e.g. “MATCH Release 2017b.SP2“)
  • To download individual MATCH PC Tool updates klick on “Tools”
    (also in between MATCH Releases)
  • To download individual MATCH Toolboxes (inkluding Blocks/Signal Elements / Protocols) klick on “Plugins
  • To download the most recent MATCH Manuals klick on “Manuals

Activate your Tool(s)

To activate your MATCH Tool Licenses please refere to one of the following FAQ Entries:

Where to get Information / What to read first?

A good start into MATCH is (next to a startup training) to have a look into the MATCH User Manual:

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